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He was an absolute genius from a very early age. He received and mastered the highest level of education in the world by the age of 20. He was born with a photographic memory, also. He wrote the Constitution and was apart of the 55 delegates.


Throughout his childhood, Madison was very sickly. He never got out of the house to meet anyone other that his professors, doctors and his parents. This resulted in James being a very awkward and anti-social being. This effected his ability to share he knowledge with a crowd, giving speeches and communicating with others.

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George Washington was a truly great general without whom it is very doubtful that the American revolution would have succeeded. Whether the American revolution was actually a good thing, and whether it deserved to succeed, can still be debated. America was a country which, prior to the Civil War, practiced slavery on a large scale, well after the time the British Empire banned slavery. In that sense, America might have been a morally better country if it had remained a British colony. Washington could be criticized as a man who made possible an oppressive slave empire in the American south, which lasted for many decades after the Revolutionary War, and which was guilty of horrendous injustice and racism. However, we could also argue that in the long term, America did eventually live up to its democratic principles, more or less (with many errors of judgment along the way) and America has on the whole been a force for progress and democracy in the world. So, as with many political issues, you can look at Washington in various ways.

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Q: What are pros and cons of George Washington?
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