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the answer is in your government book, so stop cheating ;)

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Q: What are seven sources that public officials use to determine public opinion?
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How does public opinion relate to public officials?

It Is becausethe........................_

Which form of government do public officials make decisions based upon public opinion?


What do public officials do with public opinion polls?

Opinion polls are an attempt to accurately measure the opinion of the public on an issue. They vary in quality depending on how and when they are taken and the questions they ask. Officials use them to help guide their decisions and please the public. Sometimes they use them to justfy their decisions. In this case, the questions are usually slanted to produce the answer they want.

How does Australia determine its officials?

Australia's officials are appointed by the public service who are appointed by the government under the rules of the constitution.

What factors limit the influence of public opinion on the policy choices of government officials?

Influence on public opinion can be limited by how informed voters are. Even though what the people think is heard, officials do not take it as a final decision. As a nation we trust elected officials to make the right choice. Americans can also have opinions that are against the truths of an issue. For example, environmentalists pay closer attention to laws that affect our environment.

What is the purpose of opinion polls?

To give insight on the likely outcome. Also to help determine the public opinion.

What is ideas and attitudes that most people hold about elected officials and political issues?

public opinion

Sources of American public opinion include?

mass media, religious, heritage, schools, family

Who are public officials?

Public officials are individuals who hold a government position or are elected to represent and serve the public. They have a role in making and enforcing laws, managing public resources, and providing services to the community. This can include positions at the local, state, or federal level, such as mayors, governors, legislators, and members of Congress.

Do public opinion polls try to determine how people will vote in elections and determine the popularity of the individual as well as government policies?


Why are many interesting in learning the content of public opinion?

Public opinion is very important in election campaigns world wide. Candidates and public office holders want to see how the public feels about certain policy and political issues. Often times public opinion (as taken by private polls ) helps determine public policy.

Of the following terms, which best defines a public election run by government officials to determine which candidate will represent the party?