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Veto power is one power similar for the president, governor, and the mayor. The power to enact a law is another.

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Q: What are similar responsibilities between the governor and the president?
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How did the split between the incumbent president and the former president influence the outcome of the election of 1912?

The Republican vote was divided between Taft and Roosevelt, which allowed Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win. Similar outcomes occurred in 1992 and 2000.

Most colonial governments in the 1700s were similar in that?

The British Crown paid the governor's large salaries

Is the governor part of the executive branch?

The Governor, similar to the President at the Federal Level, is the chief executive of a state government. State Governments in this manner are the same as they are required to be "republican in nature".

Is president the same as chairman?

In a general sense, the words 'president' and (ahem) 'chairperson' are similar. Their roles are overlapping, but the terms are not exactly synonymous. Although neither of the two words has a precise meaning that is distinct from the other, 'chairperson' suggests a more limited role than does 'president.' Many organizations have presidents, and in this context an organization can be anything from a local community association to a multi-national corporation. The president of an organization is usually the chief executive officer of that organization. If an organization has a comprehensive constitution, the duties of each executive member are usually listed in some detail. Usually, one of the duties of a president is to act as chairperson of the organization's meetings, but the term 'president' often implies ongoing responsibilities within the organization. In large organizations, the president might even be a full-time employee performing his or her presidential responsibilities. The role of a chairperson is usually limited to meetings. A chairperson is someone who coordinates whatever discussions are carried on at a particular meeting. That person often introduces both the agenda items and the speakers, or at least acknowledges the order in which people speak. S/he makes decisions as to whether or when a particular issue will be discussed. There are several generally recognized 'Rules of Order' to guide a chairperson, the most common being Roberts' Rules of Order. A person can act as the chairperson of a meeting on a one-time-only basis. With respect to the word 'President' when it is used in reference to a country's head of state, the term takes on political and governmental overtones. In this context, the word is usually capitalized. The duties and responsibilities of a President are complex, and could include acting as chairperson of certain committees, but not necessarily so. Such matters are often spelled out in detail, either in the country's constitution or other important documents.

Do governors vote in congress?

No. State governments in the U.S. are usually similar to the Federal Government. This means that most states have three branches of government. The Governor is the head of a state's executive branch, just as the President is head of the United States' executive branch. This means that they are both separate from the national or state congress, which are part of the legislative branch.

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How are the governor and president similar?

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What is lieutenant governor mean?

It's the second in charge behind the governor of a state. Similar to the President and Vice President.

The role of a state governor is similar to what?

The role of the U.S. president.

What is the role of state governor similar to?

The role of the U.S. president.

What state official performs a role similar to the vice president?


What state office is the equivalent of the office of the vice president of the united states?

In Texas, there is the office of Lieutenant Governor, which is similar to Vice President in many ways. Currently, only seven states do not have a Lt. Gov.

How is the office of lieutenant governor in North Carolina similar to the Vice President of the US?

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The duties and role of a lieutenant governor of a state can be compared to?

The Lieutenant Governor of a state is most similar to the Vice President of the United States; insomuch as the Lt. Gov. sits as the president of the state senate and will take over in the event that the Governor cannot fulfill his/her duties.

What did Benjamin Franklin do as the president of the US?

Benjamin Franklin was never President of the U.S.; however, the was president of the Pennsylvania Executive Council, a position similar to governor today. He was also an inventor..

What are the types of travel agent and their responsibilities?

Travel agent: NO ANSWER Responsibilities: Similar to a journalist

Is the position of a senator or governor higher within the political system?

While both positions require extensive knowledge of our political system, the position of governor is one with more responsibilities. Neither is officially "higher," but remember that each state has two U.S. senators, many more state senators, and only one governor. A senator simply votes on bills, legislation, laws, etc, whereas a governor essentially runs the state he or she is the governor of. A governor, unlike a senator, has important executive decisions to make. In this sense, a governor has similar responsibilities to those of the president -- the governor just deals with issues at a more local level. There's no basis for comparison between a federal senator and a state governor. A state governor controls his/her state and cannot exercise such a role in another state, whereas a federal senator's status doesn't change whereever he/she goes within the country. A senator deliberates on issues affecting the whole country, the economy, national security etc. Neither can give the other orders but i think the governor is the number one indigene in the state while the federal senator does not operate at state level but at federal level. It's better to compare a state governor and state senators and the simple answer would be the governor is above a state senator.

Do The governor of Texas and the US President have similar executive powers?

Yes, they can both sign or veto bills, appoint government officials, and they act as the head of the executive branch.