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Current law link: Ancient Egyptian law link:

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Q: What are some Egyptian laws?
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How was Egyptian laws made?

Egyptian laws were made my king Hammurabi

Why are there Egyptian laws against killing Nile crocodiles?

they are nature

How are laws made in Egypt?

there god has all control over Egypt there fore he makes the laws and there is more then one god to Egyptian people

What laws were made in egypt during this time?

The Ancient Egyptian had codified laws to maintain safety and order. The laws were based on common sense and knowledge of what is right and wrong.

What is the role of an ancient egyptian noble?

they ruled the nomes (regions) and made local laws.

What were some Ancient Egyptian movements?

there were no anient Egyptian movements

What are some Egyptian breeds of horse?

the Arabians are the Egyptian horse used

What were some elements Egyptian culture that became popular in Kush?

Egyptian became the region's language. They used Egyptian names and clothing. They also did Egyptian religious practices

What are some of the main laws in Egypt?

Some of the main laws in Egypt include criminal law, family law, labor law, and commercial law. The Egyptian legal system is based on a combination of Islamic law, Napoleonic Code, and civil law principles. The Constitution of Egypt is the supreme law of the land.

What are some Egyptian last names?

Here are a few Egyptian last names:moronlittle beargrace

How are Egyptian government officials like modern day American officials?

because they both made laws and yeah ;)

Does the Egyptian government follow Muslim principles?

They follow some of the muslim principles not all the principles , examples of these principles laws of marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc. In the meantime, other religion followers (Christians and Jews are allowed to apply their own religion rules and laws related to these issues.