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they killed use

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They danced on the graves of patriots,

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Q: What are some bad things that the patriots did to the loyalist?
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Bad things of isolationism?

One of the bad things of isolationism is that it can lead to bad things happening in other countries. These bad things can at some point impact your own country. Another bad thing about it is that it can lead a country to not really understand what is happening in other parts of the world. This can be dangerous.

What are some bad things about limited government?

More crime

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My psychic prediction for the year 2010 is that many things will happen, and among these many things will be some good things and some bad things. Some people will die, and other people will be born. And so forth.

Why did the french decide to help the patriots in their war for independence?

The French helped the patriots because earlier, in the French and Indian war, France and Britain were enemies and fought over the American land. When the Patriots proved themselves in the fight at Yorktown, France took it as a chance to get back at Britain.

How does patriotism destroy a nation?

Patriotism as defined as love for country is not destructive to a nation. But various groups see patriotism as a bad thing because patriots tend think they are better than people from other nations. It could be argued that these patriots would stand on the border telling insults at each other until war broke out to destroy one of them. However, loving one's nation or having pride in one's heritage also forms the cultural glue that holds them together when they need help from one or the other. So a nation of patriots is always better than a nation of anti-patriots.

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Okay i need this for school What are some challenges the loyalist face during the 1790's?

I'm in 6th grade and i just studied this... The patriots did a lot of things, including Boycotting. They specifically boycotted during the Tea and Stamp Act. (Boycotting is when someone refuses to buy something). The Patriots would also write propaganda about the loyalists, while some of the information was way over dramatic, to make the loyalist look bad, and to make Neutralists go to the Patriots side, instead of joining Britain, and to make the colonies angry at britain.

Did Thomas Hutchinson do bad things?

yes he was a very bad man he went as a loyalist creating and approving unfair laws

Who did the patriots fight with in war?

The Patriots fought with many ethnic groups that migrated from their native countries for reasons like religion persecution, bad government and economy, or many others. irish,scottish, german, native americans, african-americans, and the patriots fought against the loyalist.

What are some good things about Patriots and some bad things about Loyalists?

You wont be under the control of the king and you will have freedom. And something else I fell a slepp in Amer. Studies for all of the class.

What bad things did patriots do?

Some patriots engaged in acts of violence, such as looting and attacking loyalists during the American Revolution. They also faced accusations of mistreating prisoners of war and sometimes resorted to brutal tactics in their fight for independence.

Did a loyalist act bad or good?

If you were surpporting the Americas then bad but if you were still attached to England then good.

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What do the patriots do at war?

battled bad guys

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