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It depends what the article is about

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Q: What are some catchy titles for a feature article?
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Why might some people say Article 7 of the Constitution is no longer needed?

Why are some people say that Article BIO is no longer needed

What is the official name of the elected members of the Federal Government?

Members of the federal government have different titles, depending on the job they were elected to do. Some official titles include, the President of the United States, senator, and members of the House of Representatives.

What are some important physical features in Michigan?

An important physical feature are the great lakes of Michigan.

Which or the following was not an original feature of the us Constitution -Bicameral legislature -Separation of powers -Female suffrage -Allowing slavery?

Among the choices given, universal male suffrage is not an original feature of the US Constitution as voters were entitled to ownership of some property.

What are the components of state constitution?

The current constitution contains a preamble followed by 12 sections. There is also a schedule at the end, to ease transition from territory to state. Article I establishes the rights and liberties of the citizens of Michigan. Article II details the election process, as well as recalls and voter qualifications. Article III deals with miscellaneous provisions, such as the state seal, seat of government, and separation of powers. Article IV establishes the legislative branch of government as the law-making body of the state. Article V establishes the executive branch and describes the powers and qualifications of the governor and lieutenant governor. Article VI establishes the judicial branch and creates the various court systems. Article VII concerns government at a local level. Article VIII establishes the public school system and also deals with some institutions of higher education. Article IX describes the taxation process. Article X is entitled property. Article XI concerns public officers and their employment. Article XII describes the process for amending the state constitution. The Schedule has temporary provisions to ease the transition from territory to state.