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One could be by Rent Control and another of Price Ceiling

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Q: What are some examples of how government actions can affect prices and are the prices in equilibrium or disequilibrium before and after the government's actions?
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Why are surpluses and shortages examples of disequilibrium?

Because the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied are not equal.

What elements of the US government are borrowed?

Most all of it is taken from other governments. Limited government and a Constitution from Britain, and a Republic from Roman government are a couple examples.

What are some examples in the real world that deal with the struggle between local governments and the federal government?

Medical marijuana

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A Rolling ball

What are the examples of static equilibrium of concurrent forces?

In any situation in which an object doesn't move, it is in equilibrium.

What are examples are equilibrium?

Every physical phenomenon is an example of equilibrium; whenever there is conservation ,if you look closer, there is equilibrium. The action reaction principle is one example.

British Parliament US congress and California state are all examples of what type of government?

They are all examples of representative democracy. In this form of government, citizens elect representatives to make decisions and pass laws on their behalf.

Governments that are not examples of democracy?

united states

Examples of federalism?

One example of Federation was on 1 January 1901, when all the states of Australia, which each began as a separate colony, came together under one central government. The states all retained their government, but some areas came under the jurisdiction of the Federal government.

What is the one government in the Desert Southwest?

The desert southwest has state, county and city governments as well as many tribal governments. Examples are New Mexico State, Santa Fe County, the City of Santa Fe and Santa Clara Pueblo.

What is also known as a centralized government?

"Centralized government" can have several somewhat distinct meanings in varying contexts. In general, the term refers to the government of a unitary state; that is, one that is a not a federation, such as those of Canada or the United States, which are nations that have dually-sovereign federal and subnational governments. Two examples are that of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or of the Republic of Ireland, both of which are unitary states with thereby centralized governments.

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Examples of equilibrium include a book sitting on a table, a ball at rest on the ground, and a pencil standing vertically on its tip. In each case, the forces acting on the object are balanced, resulting in a stable state of rest.