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PROTECTOR: As protector, the United States government enforces laws such as those against false and misleading advertising, unsafe food and drugs, environmental hazards, and unsafe automobiles;

PROVIDER AND CONSUMER: All levels of government provide goods and services for citizens. the national government, for example, supplies defense services. State government provides education and public welfare. Local governments provide, among other things, parks, libraries, and bus services;

REGULATOR: In its role as a regulator, the national government is charged with perserving competition in the market place. It also oversees interstate commerce, communications, and even entire industries such as banking and nuclear power.

PROMOTER OF NATIONAL GOALS: Government reflects the will of a majority of its people. As a result, many government functions reflect peoples desire to modify the economic system to achieve the economic goals of freedom, efficiency, equity, security, full employment, price stability, and economic growth.

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Q: What are some examples of how the government acts as the provider protector and consumer of goods and services regulator and promoter of national goals?
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