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Q: What are some examples of treason?
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What are the examples of the fundamental laws of the state?

Some crimes against the state is treason, sedition and rebellion

Who deals with crimes like murder and treason?

The two examples are not compatible with one another as examples. Murder is a crime against "the state" and is prosecuted at the lower levels of the state judicial system, whereas "Treason" is a crime against the Federal Covernment and is handled only by Federal Prosecutors.

Can you put treason in a sentence?

Yes I can. Sentence: "The man was charged with treason." Hope that helps :)

What are 2 examples of treason against the US that can be tried in a federal court?

the Constitution says , treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

What are two examples of treason against the United states that can be tried in a federal court?

Pooping in the Presidents mouth and yelling i have a gun in a school.

A crime betraying your country?

in the UK a crime against the crown is called treason

When was No Treason created?

No Treason was created in 1867.

How do you use the word quisling in a sentence?

Definition:A quisling is a traitor who helps an enemy occupy his country, so some examples are:Example 1:He was a quisling who was executed for treason.Example 2:(insert name of a traitor here) was a quisling who was hanged for treason.

Why did some colonists accuse Patrick Henry of treason?

They didn't. It was the British who did and they hung him for it.

What are some antonyms for patriotism?

Expatriot or traitor.

How can one be convicted of treason?

In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of disloyalty to one's sovereign or nation. Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social superiors, such as the murder of a husband by his wife (treason against the king was known as high treason and treason against a lesser superior was petit treason). The government must present testimony of at least two witnesses to the same treasonous act or secure a confession in open court.

Who wrote cue for treason?

Geoffrey Trease wrote Cue for Treason.