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the honor of having made the first flag

the honor of being honored by George Washington

the honor of being able to have 7 children ( all girls )

the honor of having respect from ALL of AMERICA

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Q: What are some of Betsy Ross's honors?
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What is Betsy Rosss accomplishments?

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Did Betsy Rosss parents encourage her?


What was Betsy Rosss height?

The height of Betsy Ross is not unknown. Betsy is known for making the United States of America's flag.

What are some of Betsy ross honors?

She had no honors. In fact she didn’t make the flag. A man by the name of Francis Hopkins and he made the flag in 1775.

How many honors did Betsy Ross have?


What was Betsy rosss family like?

Betsy Ross's family was caring and loving the only time they weren't supportive was when she married John Ross. It was because Betsy was a Quaker which was her culture but John wasn't so her parents wanted her to marry someone who was a Quaker. But Betsy didn't like that idea because she was in love with John. Betsy sister was supportive though because she was already married she had married a sailor and he sailed Betsy and John to the other side of the river to get married so that's just what they did.

Who invented voyager 2?

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Is anything named after Betsy Ross?

Some schools and libraries were named after Betsy Ross. The flag that she sewed was called the Betsy Ross Flag.

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What are some of Betsy Ross nicknames?

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