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One is 'It's Time" look it up 4 further info.

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Q: What are some past political party jingles?
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What are some past jingles of political parties?

Some are 3 teirs

Why do you think political parties are not as powerful as they were in the past?

Primary elections have taken away some of the power of party bosses.

Does an MP have to represent a political party?

No they don't have to. Most do, but some are independent and do not belong to any political party.

Who is the titular head of a political party not in power?

The head of a political party is known as a party leader. Some examples are a President, prime minister, and general secretary.

What was Gandhi role in a political party?

I don't think he was in a political party, but some people say that Gandhi was the head of India's National Congress Party.

What are some political parties?

Republican party, democratic party, communist party, green party, constitutionalist party, etc.

Do you have to belong to one of the two major political parties to be president?

Yes, from a practical standpoint at the present time. No third party candidate has ever won, but there is no legal reason why it could not happen. In the past there have been some Congressmen elected from minor parties and minor party candidates have won some electoral votes in the past.

Where can one download radio jingles?

If someone wished to download radio jingles they would have to go on some music downloading websites. A website with radio jingles available is mp3skull , radiojinglesvip , and soundcloud.

The federalists were the first political party in what country?

The Federalist Party was the first political party in the United States of America. It was formed in the early 1970s and continued in some form until the 1820s.

What type of political parties are in the Philippines right now?

Some Filipino political parties include the Liberal party, the Katipunan party, and the Lakas Kampi Christian Muslim Democrats party.

What are some advertising techniques?

Jingles or slogans Celebrity endorsements

Was George Washington a demacrat or Republican?

He was never an official member of any political party, though he shared some of the views of a party that existed in his time called the Federalist Party. George Washington Was not a member of a political party.