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What, Where, How, When, Why

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Q: What are some questions that can be asked in a questionnaire about juvenile delinquency?
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How many questions were immigrants asked?

Immigrants were asked 29 questions

What questions do you get asked if you don't have US citizenship?

Who was the first president of America?How many stars and stripes are there on the U.S. flag?

Why do you think the constitution sets such a high requirement?

The consitiution help support the people, without it, government will take control with no questions asked.

What is evaluative comprehension?

Evaluative aswers to open ended question...Evaluative - Evaluative questions are very similar to Inferential Questions. However, Evaluative sort of sums up the text and ask you to judge something of the text such as; the meaning, truth, answer, opinion and etc. Sometimes you would need to word ittypes of questions asked are open-ended, thought-provoking questions like why and what...

What is the difference between an objection based on the form of the question and an objection based upon the substance of the question?

As to form, think of it as "how" is the question asked. As to substance, think of it as "what" information is the question seeking. Some questions are asked in a manner that is not allowed in court, such as "leading questions." The question might be seeking legitimate testimony, but just not legitimately phrased under the rules of evidence. The objection will be as to the form of the question. Some questions seek testimony that does not have to be given, such as priveledged information. That kind of question might be legitimately phrased but seeking testimony that according to evidence rules the witness does not have to provide. That objection will be as to the substance of the question.

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Is a questionnaire considered qualitative or quantitative?

it depends on the type of questionnaire you are wanting to do it can be either of them. a qualitative questionnaire will have open ended questions where the questions are asked and they can write what ever they want. a quantiative questionnaire uses structured questions where you have to chose an answer for the list or chose on a scale from for example strongly agree to strongly disagree

What is a structured questionnaire?

Structured questionnaire is a type of quantitative research method where individuals are asked closed-ended form of questions that require either yes or no responses. The questions are very specific to the research being conducted.

Is a juvenile offender required to answer yes to coviction questions?

If a juvenile offender is being asked to answer conviction questions, they are not required to say yes even if they are guilty. It is recommended that you contact an attorney for more information.

What is questionneirs in statistics?

I understand this to mean 'questionnaire'. Strictly speaking questionnaires are not a part of statistics. A questionnaire is a collection of questions that a researcher creates. Each person in a sample from the population of interest is asked to respond to the questions and then the responses are considered by the researcher. It is the responses from the questionaires that are usually subjected to statistical analysis.

What is a questionnair?

It is a list of questions designed to collect specific information. It is used for research work by scientists, businesses, and political parties, among others.A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. Although they are often designed for statistical analysis of the responses, this is not always the caseIt is a series of questions or survey that is asked to respondents, and designed to extract specific information.A questionnaire is a list of questions with multiple answers to tick off, or you may be asked, or are required to fill in the answers.A questionnaire is a list of questions that is used to get peoples opinions on certain subjects, They are used in politics or in a work environment.

Questionnaire for unemployment?

When you're unemployed, you're typically asked if you're actively looking for a job, and if you've been on any job interviews yet. You get asked these questions every couple of weeks, to verify that you are still entitled to unemployment money.

Show you how to write 3 sentences using the word questionnaire?

The clerk asked me to fill out an on-line questionnaire about my shopping experience at the brand new store.Fill out and send in this questionnaire to receive free coupons in the mail.The counselor asked him to fill out a personal interest questionnaire in order to determine which careers me might like.

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How many questions were immigrants asked?

Immigrants were asked 29 questions

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