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One of the most well known songs about peace is Imagine by John Lennon. Bomb the World by Michael Franti is another song about peace. Some other songs about peace are War, and Got to Have Peace.

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Q: What are some songs about peace?
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What were The Beatles songs about?

The Beatles' songs were about peace and love and walruses hahah!

What were ideas of songs in the 1960s?

peace love

What did John Lennon write his songs about?

love and peace

What did john Lennon write about in his songs?

love and peace

Do mcfly prefer war or peace?

McFly prefer peace, as they are a peaceful band with McMazing songs.

What are some songs that relate to A Separate Peace?

Some songs that relate to "A Separate Peace" include "Brother" by Kodaline, which explores themes of friendship and loss, and "Shine" by Ben Howard, which touches on the complexities of relationships and coming of age. Other songs like "Yellow" by Coldplay and "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron evoke the nostalgia and emotional depth present in the novel.

What did The Beatles do with peace?

John Lennon really talks about it in the future, but the Beatles band has a lot of songs about peace and love

Where is Keith pringle who sang perfect peace?

Keith Pringle is in LA and he has a New CD coming out in about 6 or 7 on the look out. This will be a fanastic gospel album with remixes of his old songs and some new songs.

What messages did Michael Jackson tell in his songs?

Peace, Love, Happyiness

What Christian Songs titles include the word peace in it?

Let the peace of God reign, Hillsong

What was the Beatles' music about?

Overall, most of the Beatles' music was about peace and love, though some songs were inspired by real events in life such as the death of John and Paul's mothers (Let it Be and "Julia" for example" some songs were nonsense or just for fun (I Am the Walrus) Mr. Kite (about a circus), etc. Some songs were about people they disagreed with such as "Revolution (about Chairman Mao) or "Bungalow Bill" (about a hunter) most songs were pure love songs whether real or imaginary people. for info about certain songs see the Wikipedia articles on the particular song.

How Bob Marley helped anyone?

bob helped people through is songs,his songs are all about freedom,love and peace and people changed their behaviour through those songs