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the two European countries most important in Canadian history are Britain and France

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Q: What are the 2 European countries MOST important to Canadian history?
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Where is majority of the Christian population?

In European countries and countries with a history of colonization by European powers.

Where Christianity is located today?

Mostly in European countries or countries with a history of colonization by European powers.

Why study Canadian black history?

It is important to study Canadian black history in order to understand the influences that have shaped Canadian culture today. It is important to understand the roots of the Canadian black population.

Why was rose fortune important to Canadian history?

she was the first female police officer in Canadian history, she was a slave, and joined the underground railroad.

Why Was James Morrow Walsh important in Canadian history?

he was cool

This poster shows a dragon symbolizing China fighting against a group of European soldiers. Which interpretation of Chinese history does the poster support1?

When the poster was produce, China was in conflict with European countries

Why was Sam Steele important to Canadian history?

I dont no 4 a reson

Why is the treaty an important event in Canadian history?

Which treaty? There have been several.

Why is Jennie Trout so important to Canadian History?

jennie trout is important because she fought for her rights and made a difference in young canadian females.

Why is lululemon important to Canadian history?

It's really not important just that the creator of lululemon was canadian. I'm pretty sure he was from Vancouver British Columbia.

Why is the vikings coming to Canada an important thing in Canadian History?

It is important because it was the first settlement in Canada

Why is William cornelius van horne important to canidian history?

he was important to Canadian history because he was married to Madonna and because he owned a pickle farm