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The 1st and 5th

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Q: What are the 2 most important amendments?
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What were the most important amendments in the constitution of 1973?

The Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1974 was the most important amendments in the constitution of 1973.

What is the most important amendment in the second amendment?

you worded that wrong...there arnt amendments is amendments...

The most important effect of the constitutional amendments has been to?

The most important effect of the constitutional amendments is that they have allowed the constitution to stay in place. Because the constitution can be changed through amendments, there is no need to entirely get rid of the constitution.

What of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution do you consider the most important?

The first.

Which of the amendments in the chart do you think was most important?

the first because god comes first

What amendments are important?

All of them.

Which of the voting rights amendments were the most important?

the 11th it makes black people the right to vote in case of war

What 3 amendments are most important and why?

The relative importance of Constitutional amendments is a matter of personal preference and also of some debate. The four-part First Amendment is high on most peoples' lists, but is the Second Amendment or the Sixth Amendment more crucial?The Third Amendment is rarely considered, and the extremely important 9th and 10th Amendments are widely ignored in legal jurisprudence. Is this good or bad?

What is the Bill of Rights and why is it important?

The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendment to the constitution. They are important because they explain out basic rights as an American. The bill of rights is the first 10c amendments on the constitution, and its important because it protects our American rights.

What is the most important safeguard of personal liberty?

The most important safeguard of personal liberty are all of the pieces of the United States Constitution. From the Bill of Rights to the amendments that allow for more people to enjoy basic rights.

What is one major difference that you observe between these two important historical documents?

They are for the florida amendments and the united states amendments

Why is it important for new Amendments to have the Presidents approval?

Constitutional Amendments do not require the President's approval, but rather that of three fourths of the States.