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It is the same as the rights of an president

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Q: What are the Rights of an former president?
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Who is the leading advocate of gay rights in Cuba?

Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro and niece of former President Fidel Castro.

How did president Johnson's previous experience in congress help to achieve passage of the civil rights act?

President Johnson's former experience in congress made him a strong politician. As a result, he fought for civil rights and did not want to take "no" for an answer.

Who is Zambia's former president?

President Kenneth Kaunda was the first and former president.

What is the correct title for a FORMER president of the US?

The correct title for a former president of the United States is "former President."

President Andrew Johnson's leniency with former Confederate officials and his veto of legislation designed to provide civil rights and financial aid to former slaves angered?

It angered the Radical Republicans.

Who was a former high school principal who worked for women's rights and was president of the national American suffrage association?

catt, carry Chapman

What is a statement that summarizes the movement to impeach President Andrew Johnson?

President Johnson was disliked by many because he used his political power to fight against equal rights for former slaves.

How is Cuba government?

I think the former President will appoint the vice president I think the former President will appoint the vice president

What is an anagram for a granola nerd that is a former us president a former supreme court justice a former senator or a former British Prime Minister?

Former US President Ronald Reagan

What president was a former union general?

Ulysses S. Grant was a former Union general who became president.

What is an ex-president?

An ex-president is a former president - a president who has left office.

What men pardoned a former president?

The man pardoned was a former president, Richard Nixon. And the president pardoning him was Gerald Ford who took office after Nixon's resignation.