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The national bank would have provided a way to mix the peoples money and the government's money. It obviously costs money to raise an army, maintain a navy, and build post offices and the roads for them. The bank would be able to collect the taxes and immediately funnel them into the governments various projects and pay their debts. Which is different from how things are today. People pay money to the I.R.S. and not to the banks.

One of the advantages of establishing a national bank would be the amount of money saved and the speed and efficiency at which everything was processed. Banks were obviously more primitive back then than they are today but they still had similar procedures. With the government controlling the bank they could process all their transactions at any given time and not have to worry about delays or transactional fees. They could prioritize all of their needs and in turn, run a more efficient government.

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Q: What are the advantages for the federal government of establishing a national bank?
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