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people treat you with respect and kindness if you treat them like you would treat yourself which is to be nice

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You have to being polite because if you are not polite you are not educated and you can be playing with your food, eating by a disordenly way...

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Our good manners make our impression good in front of others.It shows that we have respect for others.

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Q: What are the advantages of being polite?
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Is being polite to those in authority respect?

Being polite is a way of showing respect. However, a polite person is polite to everyone, regardless of whether they have much respect for a person.

Galanterie in English?

being polite

What are the advantages in Japan?

Low crime rates, healthy food, OVER polite. Disadvantages: rampant racism, poor cookie-cutter education system, slow moving and resistant to change or new ideas, being frustratingly OVER polite --ie they don't express any opinions.

If you gave a guy something and he says thank you is he just being polite?

he is definitely polite but whether he is more than polite, only he knows.

You do not fake being polite?

Strongly Disagree

Is mayella used to people being polite?


What do you call a woman when you are being polite?

A lady.

What if a guy compliments your figure?

He's being polite.

What is another word for using cordially?

When someone is being cordial they are being polite.

What is the advantages of being dress making?

what is advantages of being dress maker

How do you please bank customers?

by being very polite :D

What does judicious mean and how is it pronounced?

in a judious manner being polite