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The main advantage of representative bureaucracy is the different ideas brought by the diversity of the general population. Groups that were previously not represented can provide valid information and ideas.

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  • Organizing principles drawn from military and church, providing

    • Division of labor

    • Specialization

    • Visible chain of command

    • Objective system of policies and procedures

  • Problems of efficiency and control

    • Can be dealt with decisively

    • Through concentration of power

  • Providing the same output for the same input

    • And on a consistent basis

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Sometimes "falling in between the cracks" could be a good thing. An individual can end up having things his way if he learns how to use the system as good as it uses him.

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It helps the administration to be run smoothly

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The biggest advantage or benefit of a bureaucrat is that it regulates the FDA's standards and rules. The other advantage is that it controls the equality when it comes to analysis of data.

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Q: What are the advantages of representative bureaucracy?
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What is the theory of representative bureaucracy?

how can one define the term representative bureaucracy

What is Representative Bureaucracy?

Representative Bureaucracy - A public workforce that has same pattern of gender, race, and other characteristics as society as a whole.

Who coined the term representative bureaucracy?

· Representative bureaucracy theory: Kingsley first coined the theory in 1944. David Levitan in 1946 followed Kingsley in arguing that the only way to ensure that bureaucrats used discretion appropriately was to make them representative of the society they provide service to (Young A. 2005).

What are the advantages of representative democracy?


What has the author Harry Kranz written?

Harry Kranz has written: 'The participatory bureaucracy' -- subject(s): Bureaucracy, Civil service, Employment, Minorities, Representative government and representation, Women in the civil service

What is true of the federal government's demographic representativeness?

If all employees are taken into account, the federal bureaucracy comes reasonably close to being representative of the nation's population.

What are the sources of bureaucratic power and the limits on bureaucracy?

Sources of beurocratic power: societal complexity, political advantages, bureaucratic expansionism, incrementalism

What is weak culture and its advantages?

weak culture is where there is little alignment with organizational values and control must be exercised through extensive procedures and bureaucracy.

Type of bureaucracy in great Britain?

Type of Bureaucracy Ans :- 1. Guardian Brueaucrancy 2. Cast Bureaucracy 3. Patronage Bureaucracy 4. Merit Bureaucracy

What is a large complex organization made up of appointed officials?

a bureaucracy.

What are some advantages of an representative government?

Elected officials could study issues carefully -apex AD =]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of large samples?

A large trial is necessary to provide good sample that is representative of the population