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The majority party appoints the chairs of committees and controls the agenda for items coming the the floor for action.

Because the senate is part of the process of suggesting and ratifying bills, having a majority of Democrats in the Senate make it more likely that bills in favor of a Democratic idea will be passed. However, if a bill is passed by the majority party in Congress, but the president from a different party vetoes it, a two thirds voted in both the House and Senate are needed to make it a law. Those are very simple terms of putting it but it is basically the process.

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Q: What are the advantages to having a majority party in the senate?
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The party with more members in the Senate is called the?

majority party

Which party now selects the senate majority leader and all the senate committee chairs?

The Democratic party currently holds a majority in the senate, and therefore selects the senate majority leader and the senate committee chairs.

Which party is currenly in contol of the senate?

The Democratic Party is in the majority in the US Senate.

What party runs the senate house?

The House majority is the Republican party, but the Senate it is the Democratic party.

What is the majority of the Senate?

If you are asking wich political party is currently in the majority, and thus in control of the Senate - as of November 2011, it is the Democrat Party.

What is a sentence using the word majority party?

The Republicans are the majority party in the House of Representatives. The Democrats are the majority party in the Senate.

Which term is used when referring to the political party with the greatest number of members in the Senate?

The political party with the greatest number of members in the Senate is referred to as the majority party.

How are officers in the House and Senate chosen?

House and Senate leaders are chosen by their party caucuses (so the party that holds the majority of seats chooses the majority leader and the Speaker of the House, while the party in the minority chooses the minority leader).

What Party Republican or Democrat is the majority party in the Senate?

As of 2011 it is Republican which really messed up Obama.

The leader of the majority party in the senate?

the current Senate Majority Leader is Harry Reid (D) of Nevada

Who aids the Senate majority leader in keeping party members informed and supportive?

Senate Majority Whip

Majority party in senate?

Democrat. currently.