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the main branches areELECTROWINNING




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Q: What are the branches of electrometallurgy?
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What is the electrometallurgy process - copper?

Electrometallurgy is a method of pure metals preparation using electrochemical (electrolytic) procedures. Sometimes the meaning of this term is enlarged with electroplating and others.

What is electrometallurgy process?

It's the process that uses electricity to seperate metals.

What has the author Franz Sommer written?

Franz Sommer has written: 'Elektrostahlerzeugung' -- subject(s): Electrometallurgy, Steel

What has the author Boris Nikolaevich Kabanov written?

Boris Nikolaevich Kabanov has written: 'Electrochemistry of metals and adsorption' -- subject(s): Electrometallurgy

What has the author Seymour Senderoff written?

Seymour Senderoff has written: 'The electrolytic preparation of molybdenum from fused salts' -- subject(s): Molybdenum, Electrometallurgy

What has the author Bernhard Neumann written?

Bernhard Neumann has written: 'Elektrometallurgie des Eisens' -- subject(s): Electrometallurgy, Iron 'Die Metalle' -- subject(s): Metals

What has the author M P Arbuzov written?

M. P. Arbuzov has written: 'Condition of martensite electrolytically isolated from quenched steel' -- subject(s): Steel, Electrolysis, Martensite, Electrometallurgy

What has the author Alan D Hartman written?

Alan D. Hartman has written: 'Design of an experimental electric arc furnance' -- subject(s): Design and construction, Electric furnaces, Electrometallurgy, Steel

What has the author M F Chambers written?

M. F. Chambers has written: 'Electrolytic production of neodymium metal from a molten chloride electrolyte' -- subject(s): Chlorides, Electrolyte solutions, Electrometallurgy, Neodymium

What has the author David Wesley Mitchell written?

David Wesley Mitchell has written: 'Study of precipitation of copper on iron from acid solutions' -- subject(s): Copper, Electrometallurgy, Iron, Leaching, Metallurgical plants, Waste disposal

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