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Let's start by defining what is meant by "political stability". A country, usually resource rich, that is under a Dictatorship, installed and funded by the western world,where no democratic process exists, and people live in perpetual fear, is called political stability. Another Country, also resource rich, with free and fair elections,with several parties(not one) and where people expect control over their resourses, in other words, a healthy, functioning democracy , such as Venezuela. This is always called "political instability" in western propaganda. Margaret Thatcher once said to her murderous buddy Pinochet- "It was you who brought democracy to Chile."

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Q: What are the causes of political instability in a given state?
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In a federal political system state governments can?

In a federal political system, state governments are given the ability to try new ideas by passing laws that are within its scope of power. The United States is a federal presidential constitutional republic.

One factor determining the number of representatives for a given congressional district is the distribution of within what state?

One factor that determines the number of representatives for a given Congressional District is the distribution of the population with a state. The more populated a state is, the more members that state can have in Congress.

What is sentorial courtesy?

The question is wrong. It should be: What is senatorial courtesy? Senatorial courtesy is an unwritten political custom or constitutional convention in the United States. The president consults the senior U.S. Senator of his political party of a given state before nominating any person to a federal vacancy within that Senator's state.

Explain the Nation as a political community?

The political community takes shape through the convergence of cultural political boundaries, transforming the state into the state of all its citizens.

This type of political party supported a strong central government?

While it was not a political party in the idea of political parties today, those who opposed the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans (first political party) favored a strong federal (national) government and weak state governments. They took the name "Federalists" as that was the name given to the people who had supported ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

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What were the causes of people's movement 2 in Nepal?

They have not been written according to the will and direct involvement of the people. These constitution, being written to suit the interest of the rulers which did not address the will, aspiration and feelings of the general public. This state of political instability resulted to political instability and social chaos.

What is the single word that can best describe the causes of all the financial turmoil and political trouble around the world now?

Complex. The causes of global financial turmoil and political trouble are multi-faceted and interconnected. Factors such as economic inequality, political instability, globalization, technological disruption, and geopolitical tensions all contribute to the current state of affairs. It is impossible to attribute these challenges to a single word or cause.

What causes intra state violence?

Intra-state violence can be caused by a variety of factors, including political instability, ethnic or religious tensions, economic inequality, competition for resources, and historical grievances. It often arises from conflicts over power, control, and identity within a country's borders.

What state has faced political instability because of a population divided nearly equally between Melanesians and south Asians?

Fiji has faced political instability due to a population divided nearly equally between Melanesians and south Asians. The tension between the two groups has led to coups and political unrest in the country.

What are some factors that threaten a nation-states stability?

Some factors that threaten a nation-state's stability include economic instability, social and political divisions, corruption, external threats, and environmental challenges. Economic instability can lead to unemployment and poverty, which can trigger social unrest and political instability. Social and political divisions, such as ethnic or religious tensions, can also create instability by fueling conflicts and weakening government institutions. Corruption undermines trust in the government and can lead to political instability. External threats, such as terrorism or invasion, can destabilize a nation-state. Environmental challenges like natural disasters or climate change can also have destabilizing effects, causing displacement of populations, destruction of infrastructure, and resource scarcity.

What are the causes of military intervention in politics?

Causes of military intervention in politics

Why radioactive substance radiate energy?

Radioactive substances radiate energy due to the inherent instability of their atomic nuclei. This instability causes them to undergo radioactive decay, where they release energy in the form of radiation in order to achieve a more stable state.

What was a major outcome of the Mexican American War in the mid-1800s?

Texas became an official state of the United States of America.

What is a political office?

The definition of a political office is the name given to a government office that is obtained by an election. Local, state, and federal government have political offices. Mayors, Senators, and the President hold political offices.

What title is the leader of Britain given?

Political leader is the Prime Minister, although technically the head of state is the Monarch.

What is the single most important political statement made by any unit of government in a given year is the?

State of the union

Is this a true or false statement the Boston massacre proved that the articles of confederation was too weak to deal with the economic and political instability that threatened every state?

False...the Articles of Confederation were not written when the Boston Massacre occured...