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The character are amoral

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Q: What are the character traits of the characters in the play government inspector?
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What are two character traits of all the characters of the lottery rose?

character traits of each of the characters in the lottery rose

How do character traits affect the opinions of the character?

Character traits influence how a character perceives and reacts to situations in a story. For example, a character who is brave may approach challenges with confidence, whereas a character who is fearful may avoid risks. These traits shape the character's opinions, beliefs, and choices throughout the narrative.

What does it mean when a question says what are the characters traits?

Character Traits are words that help describe the character. Ex. Friendly, Active, Mean-Sprited. These are all character traits.

List 3 character traits about hammurabi?

There are three character traits about Hummurabi. The three characters are stone, location and history.

How do you do character traits?

character traits are identified by the characters dialogue, point of view, actions, moods/feelings and physical appearance

What is his main character trait?

Character traits are all the aspects of a person's behavior and attitudes that make up that person's personality. Everyone has character traits, both good and bad. Even characters in books have character traits. Character traits are often shown with descriptive adjectives, like patient, unfaithful, or jealous.

Can traits in character be a downfall?

yes, a characters greed could be his downfall or his pride

What is characters physical traits?

A character trait that shows what is on the outside of a character, like the hair, eye, or skin color

What is definition of charcater traits?

They r things that describe the characters in the story

What process of revealing a character's traits in a story is called?

The process of revealing a character's traits in a story is called characterization. This can be done through a character's actions, thoughts, dialogue, appearance, and interactions with other characters.

Which are traits of characters that had hepled you in different situations?

WikiAnswers does not know your character traits because we don't know you. You'll have to do your own assignment.

Which are the character traits of the character in betrayal in the city setbook?

Some character traits of the characters in "Betrayal in the City" include courage, resilience, defiance against oppression, and a sense of justice. These characters are portrayed as constantly challenging authority and standing up for their beliefs despite facing great adversity.