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This is a form of government that does not consider it's people's opinions and thoughts. They use force often and do not hold elections. There is usually one person or a small group in charge of the government.

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There is limited freedom, all citizens are disciplined (unlike a democratic society all citizens are abused in too much freedom which creates chaos and disorder), it has peace and order in streets and etc., and mostly there are secret police roaming around the society to observe people who commits crime and opposition to a ruler and once they caught you they will leave you no choice to punish you or execute.

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Requiring strict obedience to an authority, such as a dictator.

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Q: What are the characteristics of authoritarian government?
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Is totalitarianm an authoritarian or democratic system of government?


An authoritarian government is usually evidence of what?

An authoritarian government is usually evidence of single-party rule.

Is dictatorship a form of authoritarian government?

YES, TRUE. The two types of authoritarian governments are dictatorships and totalitarianism. So yes, it's an authoritarian government.

Is china a authoritarian governemnt?

Yes, it is an excellent example of an authoritarian government.

How do you use authoritarian government ina sentence?

An authoritarian government usually has the effect of limiting the growth of the prosperity of that society.

Which forms of government are not authoritarian?


What form of government does Syria?


Disadvantages of authoritarian leadership?

Authoritarian government is a government similar to dictatorial government but it is better because it proritized the needs of the people!

What countries have authoritarian government?

There are a few countries in the world that have an authoritarian government. A few of the countries are China, Vietnam, and Russia.

Which statement describes a difference between authoritarian government and constitutional government?

in an authoritarian government, the leaders of the government have absolute power.

Is Totalitarianism a form of authoritarian Government?

yes totalitarianism is a form of authoritarian government,because it involve absolute power and authority without caring the which of people.

How do authoritarian Democratic different from government?

Authoritarian governments have permission to do whatever while the US government have limitations on what they are allowed to do and the citizens make most of the decisions.