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Red, white and blue!!!!!

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Q: What are the colors for the unite states?
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When did the greek city states unite?

I think it unite in 1932

What 13 separate states is the government trying to unite?

The United States government is not trying to unite 13 separate states.

What did lincoln do to unite the states?

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States.

How do you unite the Phoenician colonies?

You don't. Phoenicia was a number of independent city-states which valued their independence and had no wish to unite.

Who persuaded the delegates to unite all the states?

the president

The goal of the Frankfurt Assembly was?

to unite the German states

What states did zollverein help unite?

The answer is not Italian, it is German.

What are the way that you can became a citicen of the unite states?

not one

What country is the Liberty Bell living in?

unite states of America

What countries the nearest neighbors to the unite states?

Mexico and Canada

What state is the top producer of apples in the unite states?


What is the lowest spot in the unite states?

Death Valley California