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Q: What are the correct order of astrolabe navigational compass cartography aircraft?
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How are Navigational compass astrolabe map camera in order?

You need to answer this prompt. It is homework and we don’t do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson, not ours.

How did innovations like the compass astrolabe and larger ships help the growth of trade in luxury goods?

They were the main reasons why countries could seek resources in other places. Add the moveable sail and keel and they could go just about anywhere.

What is the correct order of compass astrolabe scale map and aerial photography in which they appeared in history?

More than 3000 years ago Chinese feng-shui practitioners used lodestone - a naturally occurring magnet to orient in the environment and find iron rich ores; probably not for navigation at this time. Scale maps (of geographic areas) were attempted even earlier but were fraught with limited accuracy. Scale plans of buildings and cities were drawn up at least 4000 years ago. The Astrolabe was used over 1500 years ago (there are even some Bronze age (3000 years old) remnants that could be astrolabe parts) The compass as we know it is about 1000 years old. Relatively accurate scale maps developed over the ages and became useful about 400 years ago. (In the 1970's maps of South America were shown to have considerable mistakes, this was discovered by satellite imagery)

What is called a face of a compass?

Different Compass Units of MeasureThere are a few different ways a compass is divided into units. Depending on the use for the compass, different units of measure may be more useful:PointsDegreesMilsGrads : PS I really hope this was useful

What is the correct definition for orienteering?

Using a map and compass to navigate between checkpoints along an unfamiliar course.

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What order did aircraft navigational compass cartography and astrolabe come in?

Cartography navigational compass astrolabe aircraft

Here are some milestones in the development of technology used by geographers Put them in the order in which they appeared in history Navigational compass Astrolabe Cartography Aircraft?

catorgraphy astrolabe navigational compass aircraft APEX ;P

Here are some milestones in the development of technology used by geographers. Put them in the order in which they appeared in history. Aircraft Astrolabe Cartography Navigational compass?

catorgraphy astrolabe navigational compass aircraft APEX ;P

What were the two navigational instruments in Prince Henry school?

compass, and the astrolabe

Which came first Navigational compass cartography photography or internet?

The compass, cartography, photography then the internet in that order.

What are some milestones in the development of technology used by geographers in the order in which they appeared in history?

Navigating by sight, using maps and the shape of the coastline Using handheld instruments to measure the position of the sun and stars Using the Earth's magnetic field to determine direction Tying maps to databases

What navigational tool did Henry Hudson used?

he usd a compass and an astrolabe.

What navigational instrument is used to determine a ship's position at sea?

A compass and a map of the world.

What Navigational tools were invented in the renaissance era for sailors to use?

the compass, the astrolabe, the quadrant and the lead.

What does improved cartography lines of latitude and longitude compass and astrolabe have in common?

They all made exploration easier

What type of technology aided portuguese's exploration?

Portuguese exploration was aided by advancements such as the caravel ship design, navigational tools like the astrolabe and compass, and the development of more accurate maps and charts. Additionally, improvements in cartography and the sharing of knowledge with other explorers and navigators contributed to their successful exploration efforts.

What where the navigational tools the sailors could use during the 15th century?

Compass and astrolabe. Along with larger ships and the movable sail it allowed for exploration.