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Democracy is based on debate. It tends to have a collective consciousness effect, and ideally the more voices that are heard the better the result. The Wiki concept is very similar to this concept. More contributors/contributions should theoretically produce a better end product.

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Q: What are the drawbacks of passing a law without much debate?
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What happened in the patriots vs loyalists debate?

The patriots said that we should not be treated like this and we don't have that much money to pay all of your taxes.

Why has the power of the presidency been cause for debate?

Ever since America won it's independence from Britain, this has been a debate because the people are afraid of creating another tyranny like King George. The three branches of the government are supposed to balance each other out, and no one should have more power than the other, so the debate over the president is very prominent. The country should not be ruled by one person, so the president should not be dictator and should not have too much power.

How did televised debates affect the 1960 presidential election?

Kennedy performed much better on television than Richard Nixon did during the 1960 presidential debates.

Who established the federal income tax?

It is allowed by the Constitution. Essentially the system to enforce and handle the Tax Laws themselves - were passed after much debate and discussion by the elected members of Congress and signed by the President. They still make changes to it, very frequently, under the same process.

What happened in the States Rights Debate?

The Federal government and State governments were arguing about the division of powers over the entire nation. The Federal government pushed for a unified national government, constantly moving toward an expansion of their power. The States argued that they could nullify laws which they didn't agree with. Eventually, the country split in two, with the southern states rallying together to fight the Federal government, as the Confederate States of America. The CSA lost the war, and that pretty much settled the debate. I would say that the debate ended when the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution was passed. Since that point in history, the States have had no check on the Federal government via the Senate. If you want an opinion, the Seventeenth Amendment should be repealed.

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