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EU citizens have the same obligations that citizens of other regions have. They have to obey the laws of their country, and they have to report any unlawful activities in their communities.

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Q: What are the duties and obligations of EU citizens?
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What are the duties and obligations of Chinese citizens?

To honor family and to honor the emperor.

What are the duties and obligations of great Britain citizens?

To pay homage to the United States!

What are the duties and obligations of African citizens?

The duties and the obligation of the African citizens is to defend their heritage and culture and build their countries. They are also expected to respect life and the various institutions that have been put into place.

Importance of fundamental duties?

The importance of fundamental duties is that they define the moral obligations of all citizens to help in the promotion of the spirit of patriotism and to uphold the unity of India. However , they are not legally enforceable.

What is the difference between legal and voluntary duties of citizens?

Legal duties are obligations that citizens are required to fulfill by law, such as paying taxes or obeying traffic laws. Voluntary duties are actions that citizens may choose to take on their own accord, such as community service or voting in elections. While legal duties are enforced by the government and can result in penalties for non-compliance, voluntary duties are undertaken willingly without a legal requirement.

What rights do citizens of Mexico have?

heck if i know

Eu citizens need a visa to cuba?

Cuba citizens need visa to EU?

What are the advantages to citizens of EU?

Citizens of the EU enjoy the ability to travel freely to all EU countries without needing a visa. Also, EU citizens enjoy the low prices resulting from trade agreements among EU countries.

What are the obligations of French citizens?


What are the rights duties and obligations of African citizens?

The Nigerian citizens have rights that are contained in the Bill of Rights. According to the Bill of Rights, the Nigerian citizens have a right to expression, speech, association and movement.

Does the European union allow free movement between countries?

Yes.This is one of the main objectives of the EU. All EU citizens (citizens of an EU member country) have the unlimited right to travel, live and work in any other EU country on tha same basis as citizens of that country.

What are the duties and obligations of a Buddhist?

Help the people to follow the law.