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The executive branch and plays a large role in making America's laws. His job is to approve or veto the laws that Congress creates. When the Senate and the House approve a bill, they send it to the President. If he waits within 10 days congress will go out of session and the law goes into effect.

If the President does not like a bill, he can refuse to sign it. When he does this, it is called a veto. If the President vetoes a bill, it will most likely never become a law. Congress can override a veto, but to do so two-thirds of the Members of Congress must vote against the President.

In addition to playing a key role in the lawmaking process, the President has several duties. He serves as the American Head of State, meaning that he meets with the leaders of other countries and can make treaties with them. However, the Senate must approve any treaty before it becomes official.

The President is also the Chief of the Government. That means that he is technically the boss of every government worker.

Also, the President is the official head of the U.S. military. He can authorize the use of troops overseas without declaring war. To officially declare war, though, he must get the approval of the Congress.

The President and the Vice-President are the only officials chosen by the entire country. Not just anyone can be President, though. In order to be elected, one must be at least 35 years old. Also, each candidate must be a natural-born U.S. citizen and have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years. When elected, the President serves a term of four years. The most one President can serve is two terms, for a total of eight years.

Before 1951, the President could serve for as many terms as he wanted. After two terms as President, George Washington chose not to run again. All other Presidents followed his example until Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt successfully ran for office four times. Early in his fourth term, he died, in 1945. Six years later, Congress passed the 22nd Amendment, which limits Presidents to two terms.

The President becomes the Chief Executive Officer and the Commander in Chief and swears to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States". It is a simple little oath of office that the founding fathers placed in Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight of the Constitution, but with it comes the awesome responsibility of leading the free world.

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1. run the country by passing laws
2. dealing with situations
3. commanding U.S. forces

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The President is the Chief of State, the Chief of Government and the Commander in Chief.

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The President of the United States is responsible for running the country and declaring war. The President can also appoint people to government offices.

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I want to tell you that what are 3 duties of the president tell me the answer

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Q: What are the duties of the President of the United States?
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What are electoral duties?

the electoral duties are electing the president of the united states.

What are two executive duties of the president?

To uphold and defend the constitution of the United states

What are two duties of the Vice President?

If the President dies, the Vice President must take his places. The Vice President is the President of the United States Senate.

What role is the president using when he performs ceremonial duties?

When the President of the United States performs ceremonial duties he is acting as the Chief of State. He is the symbolic leader of the country in this role.

What was John F. Kennedy's duties as a president?

To make the United States be safe and in good hands.

What are duties of the United States congress?

Make U.S. Laws, and impeachment trials for the President, Vice President, and other Congress Members.

What are the duties of the National Security Council?

It helps keep the nation safe from foreign attacks and advise the President of the United States.

What duties does the president of the US perform as chief executive?

The duties the president perform as chief executive are to decide how laws of the United states are to be enforced and choose officials and advisors to help run the Executive Branch.

If the position of president who will take over?

If the president can not fulfill his duties, the vice president will take over. This has only happened a few times throughout the history of the United States.

Is Obama commander in chief?

Yes, he is. One of the duties of the President of the United States of America is to be Commander in Chief (of the armed forces).

Abraham Lincoln was president during the American Civil War He felt strongly that one of his main duties as president was to?

keep the states united as one country.

How old was Teddy Roosevelt when he assumed duties of pres?

Theodore Roosevelt was 42 years old when he assumed the duties of President of the United States. He became President in 1901 after the assassination of President William McKinley.