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tangible policy- decisions require the expenditure of public funds, which are always scare, policies can be expensive and may anger the groups that have to bear the burden. symbolic policy- involve little money or personnel and aften are not even passed as law.

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Q: What are the examples of tangible policy and symbolic policy?
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Definition of symbolic policy?

This is a type of policy that defines and reflects social values and upholds governmental principles. These type of policies tend to have no tangible effect on people and typically have involves little or no money. One example is the law to have in God We Trust us our government motto.

Television sets and automobiles are examples of what of person?


What is symbolic public policy?

It is like rules.laws. Acts. Everything that is not material. For example rule "say no drugs" its symbolic policy. If givernment gave farmers material help or gifts them travtors its material policy

Examples of symbolic speech?

The burning of the flag is a symbolic speech such as in the Texas v. Johnson case.

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Difference between policy output and policy outcome?

Policy outputs are actions taken in pursuance of policy decisions; they come first and are more tangible. Policy outcomes focus on a policy's societal consequences after the policy has been implemented.

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Give examples of tangible and intangible services and goods?

Some tangible goods are things that can be touched or felt, physically. - Jewelry, clothes, TVs Where as Intangible things are those that cant be touched or felt, via sensory perceptions. - Computer programs, TV shows, or an Insurance policy, regulation's and rules are all Intangible services or goods.

What are the policy inputs examples?

Indicators of policy input

What is interactionist theories?

Interactionist theory is less tangible than role theory, because it involves internal mental models as opposed to external social models. The symbolic interaction perspective is also known as symbolic interactionism, it is a major framework of sociological theory.

Synonyms of real?

Examples could be authentic, actual, tangible, genuine, true, etc depending on how the word is used.

What are the Examples of fixed assets?

Fixed assets are long-term, tangible resources, such as property and equipment that are used in a company's operations. These assets are classified as long-term and tangible because they are not intended for resale and are hold value.