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1. The external causes of underdevelopment.

The effects of external factors in underdevelopment are numerous, it depend on the view point of the writer. E.g African nations had many times base their major reasons for low or lack of development as far back as colonisation of the Africans nations by the top and world power nations. Base on imperialism, exploitation marginalization inferiority complex. etc.

experienced from the so called colonial masters.

2. The internal factors of underdevelopment.

This is the most common and unaffordable situation happen to many underdevelopment nations in African. Which cooped with indigenous leadership killing the truth and rising the lie for their fellow citizens of the nation. The problem of internal leaders in underdevelopment of a nation is efficacious to is economic nature either lead to stagnation, redundancy, dependable, or stampede. Which at long run fell into underdevelopment.

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Q: What are the external and internal causes of underdevelopment?
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