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In God we trust.

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Q: What are the famous quotes said by George Washington with the word God in it?
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What are some famous quotes by Ruth Aaronson Bari?

Ruth Aaronson Bari was an American mathematician and professor emeritus at George Washington University. Though there aren't any widely circulated quotes attributed to her, according to her daughters, she loved her work and said that 'what matters most is that you follow your heart.'

What was George Washington III's quote about George Washington?

he said wener

What was George Washington personalty.?

George Washington married Martha Custis nee Dandridge When Geoge Washington died the whole country was happy mainly because he executed an innocent man's life. One man said what the people of America thought of George Washington: ''First in war, first in danger, and first in the hearts of the countrymen''.

Who was the artist who painted George Washington?

Gilbert Charles Stuart was George Washington's portraitist. He lived from 1755-1828 and is said to be the world's most famous portraitist.

What character said to be or not to be?

George Washington

Who said George Washington?

his father

What quotes did Martha Washington do or say?

"i am fond of only what come from the heart", Martha Washington once said

What are some famous quotes about the 1920s?

A famous quote that was said in the 1920s was, ''Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.' This was said by Georges Clemenceau.

What are characteristics that make George Washington a hero?

George Washington was nice, loyal, just, kind, and polite.

Was George Washington pleased when his cousin helped the British?

No George Washington said to his cousin that he should have refused the British when they asked for helped

What did George Washington say about the Boston tea party?

He said it was a thought less idea-George Washington

What are 2 of William dawes famous quotes?

his famous quote, the red regualars are here, was said in 1649