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Barbados, Jamaica Guyana Trinidad and Tobago’

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Q: What are the four countries that attend the first heads of government?
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What does the name G8 Summit mean?

It is a meeting of the Heads of Government from the eight countries in the G8.

What year was the first heads of government conference held?


Who are the Presidents and Prime Ministers of all countries?

The current heads of state and government are listed at the related link below.

What were the first changes that napoleon mad?

He demanded a Merit System within the Government but rarely considered it essential when appointing his family members as heads of various countries that he had invaded and conquered.

Who is head of africas goverment?

Africa is a continent made up of many countries. Each country has its own government with their own heads of government. Africa itself has no government.

List all 43 presidents with their countries names2013?

If you go to Wikipedia and type "List of heads of state", you'll find a list of current heads of state (and heads of government, when they are not the same person). I'll leave it to you to check which of these qualify as "presidents".

Who is the head of the Prime Minister?

The people is one answer to that. Elected representatives are ultimately responsible to the people that elect them, and that includes the head of the government. In some countries the head of government and head of state are the same, but in other countries the head of state is separate, so some heads of government answer to them. However not all heads of state have large political power and just do simple things like sign things into law or give the government ministers their seals of office or accept the resignation of a government.

What is the supreme policy making body of caricom?

the heads of government conference

Do you capitalize Heads of Government?

Yes, the title "Heads of Government" should be capitalized when referring to specific individuals in their role as the leader of a government. For example, "The Heads of Government agreed to the new trade deal."

What does a prime do?

A prime minister heads the government. They are not the head of state. A prime minister appoints the ministers for the government. They will usually chair cabinet meetings, which are the meetings of all of the ministers. They are usually the head of their political party. They will often represent the government at meetings with other countries or as part of visits to other countries.

What type of government heads nsw?

State Government

Can you name three countries that are governed by a prime minister?

Some three countries governed by a prime minister include Japan, Northern Ireland and Portugal. A prime minister heads the government and appoints the ministers.