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Preamble- Jefferson is attempting to legallyand philosophically justify the revolution that was already under way. Jefferson is saying that, now that the colonists have begun to separate themselves from British rule, it is time to explain why the colonists have taken this course of action. Principals Of Democracy- Tells how a governments should be run and reveals the influence of the English philosopher john Locke arguing that if a government does not allow its citizens to enjoy certain rights and freedoms, the people have a right to replace the government. List Of Grievances- The section in which Jefferson condemns the behavior of King George, listing the king's many tyrannical actions that have forced his American subjects to rebel. Formal Declaration- Final paragraph in which the delegates declare independance.

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Q: What are the four parts of the Declaration and what do they mean?
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What are the four different parts of the decloration of inependece?

The four parts of the Declaration include: 1. Preamble 2.Natural Rights 3. King's Wrongs (i.e., List of Grievances) and 4. Independence

How many sections does the Declaration have?

the declaration has four articles

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What the three parts of the declaration of independence?

The 3 parts of the Declaration of Independence is Liberty/Freedom, British wrongs, and Independence.

How many major sections does the declarations have?

the declaration has four major sections.

What are the four parts of the declaratoin of independence?

1.preamble 2.declaration of natural rights3.list of grievances 4.resolution of independence by the united states

How many major section does the declaration?

the declaration has four major sections.

Who were the four people who signed the declaration of independence?

44 signed the Declaration.

What are the 3 parts of declaration of independence?

1)preamble 2)grievances 3)declaration

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