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There are several different types of flow charts. The main function of a flowchart is to see the steps and process of something from the beginning to the end.

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Q: What are the functions of a flow chart?
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What is the purpose of data flow diagram?

Go with the flow chart Go with the flow chart

What is revenue ministery?

Revenue ministry functions how revenue colloction department work & flow chart

Difference between flow chart and model?

A flow chart is a type of model, but not every model is a flow-chart.

Working flow chart for air conditioners and refrigerators?

A typical flow chart for air conditioners and refrigerators would include the following main steps: Compressor compresses the refrigerant gas. Refrigerant gas flows through the condenser coils, releasing heat and condensing into a high-pressure liquid. The high-pressure liquid passes through the expansion valve, where it expands and cools down. The cooled liquid flows through the evaporator coils, absorbing heat from the surrounding air. The refrigerant returns to the compressor to start the cycle again.

Flow chart of planning process?

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What is the basic difference between structured chart and flow chart?

the structure chart differs from flow chart in these principle ways: 1- It is difficult to identify different modules of the software from its flow chart representation. 2- Data interchange among different modules is not represented in a flow chart. 3- sequential ordering of tasks inherited in a flow chart is suppressed in structure chart.

Show me a Flow chart of sales?

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What are the uses of flow chart in computer?

flow chart is pictorial representation of algorithm

Pictures of Flow chart of all body systems?

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Types of flow chart?

Flow chart: - A flow chart is a symbolic representation of any process. Each step in the process is represented by a different symbol with a short description of the process. The flow chart symbols are linked together with arrows showing the process flow direction.There ate two types of flow charts1. Low level flow chart2. High level flow chart

What do you understand by flow chart?

A flow.

How do you make flow chart for vendor development?

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