What are the gh3 cheats?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They can be used in cheatcc or anything else you go on to look cheats for mod **** it

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Q: What are the gh3 cheats?
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Where to put cheat code in gh3?

On the main menu, go to Options, then go to Cheats. and are both good places to find cheat codes.

Does Miley Cyrus play GH3?

She plays Guitar hero but i don't know about gh3.

What is a gh3 bot?

A GH3 bot is a program that will play all of the notes perfectly on guitar hero. how do you install it and where do your get it

Can you put more songs on gh3?

Well on the PS2 version of GH3 (And maybe Xbox 360 not confirmed) you can buy songs and Nintendo said there could possibly be an update for more songs on GH3

How many songs are there for gh3?


Does a PC guitar work on a PS3?

No. Or at least the USB Iceman guitar for PC (from GH3 times) doesn't work in GH3 on PS3.

Can you play Guitar Hero 2 on a Guitar Hero 3 guitar?

Yes. We have GH2 and GH3 (We got GH3 first) and you can use a GH3 controller - I think all of the programming is the same, just it's wireless. No worries =] x

How do you put cheats in on Guitar Hero 3?

If you want to download games, and movies to your wii go to Its amazing. I use it and the movies are high quality, and you can download any game you want. Saves me money on games and movies. Its great!

How do you unlock everything for gh3?

you go to options and then go down to cheats and you put in (carry on if they don't make a sound) GRBO,GRYB,GRYO,GYBO,GRYB,RYBO,GRYB,GYBO,GRYB,GRYO(2x)GRYB GRYO

Can you use gh2 gutar on gh3?

no you can not Dar

Is the gh3 impossible song for boxy or PlayStation?


Who sings monster on gh3?

Matchbook Romance