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Q: What are the initials that indicate governmental provenance?
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What do the initials on a sports jacket indicate?


A term used to indicate governmental lending and spending?

pump priming

What are the initials that indicate a shunting procedure?

CFS= Cerebral Spinal Fluid

What does a diamond with I-J mean?

The initials I-J indicate colour when describing a 'white' diamond, and indicate the diamond is slightly yellow.

How do you spell provenance?


What are the alphabet agents?

Did you mean "alphabet agencies"? It's a term for governmental departments that are usually known by their initials, such as IRS, NASA, etc.

What does the Banking Term FED Notice NSF indicate?

I'm uncertain what the initials "FED" might mean, but the initials "NSF" stand for non-sufficient funds.

Reference initials indicate that the letter was written and typed by the same person?

It is superlfuous to give reference initials if they only tell you that the author of the letter was also the typist. Such initials are only of interest if the typist was another person than the author.

What do the initials CTIA stand for?

CTIA: Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. This is an multi-national non-governmental association that represents mobile communications carriers.

What do the initials FRS stand for?

The initials FRS can stand for a number of things from a school to governmental entities to science, technology and transport acronyms. Some of the possibilities are The Federal Reserve System, the title Fellow of the Royal Society, Family Radio Service and Fuel Recommended Surcharge.

How can we learn and practice on provenance?

Someone can learn and practice on provenance by finding out information about it. A person can go to the library or a bookstore and find books about practicing on provenance.

What does the initials KP mean on gold?

The initials K.P. when found on a piece of gold jewelry indicate that the piece of jewelry is not one hundred percent gold, but only plated with gold. K.P. stands for "karat plate."