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definite articles and indefinite articles

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Q: What are the kind of article?
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What is a kind of article always used with plurals?

The definite article, "the" is always used with plurals, as the indefinite article, "a"/"an", implies singularity.

What kind of article on something to do with geography?


What kind of adjective it the word the?

"The" is not an adjective. It is an article.

What kind of article are words a and an?

Indefinite articles

Is the word the a verb?

No. It is the definite article in English. ( a/an is the indefinite article). Articles are a special kind of adjective.

How do you use the word article in a sentences?

I've never seen that kind of article before in a newspaper.

What kind of article's published in McClure's magazine?

help me

Article on driving schools?

What kind of article friend? Here's an article related to picking a driving school:

This kind of corruption was outlawed in article 3 section3?


What is the adjective of kindness?

the word "the" is NOT an adjective. It IS a definite article.

What is an kind of article used before a singular word that begins a vowel or a consinent?

an.Look at your question it is not an kind but a kind. Consonant is spelt with an 'a'

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