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1. agreement in belief and agreement in attitude

2. agreement in belief and disagreement in attitude.

3. agreement in attitude and disagreement in belief.

4. disagreement in belief and disagreement in attitude.

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Q: What are the kinds of agreement and disagreement in logic?
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What does disagreement mean without the prefix?

1. lack of consensus or approval 2. lack of consistency or correspondence

What is the prefix for agreement?

"Co-" is the prefix for "agreement."

What are some antonyms for the word agreement?

Disagreement, Dispute, Arguement :)

Will maria a good wife for leon justify your agreement or disagreement?


What is no and what is yes?

"No" is used to express disagreement while "Yes" is used to express agreement.

What has the author Eloise Pearson written?

Eloise Pearson has written: 'Agreement and disagreement'

What is an advantage of using a treaty?

A treaty formalizes an agreement between to countries or parties putting it into writing so that there is no disagreement about the conditions of the agreement. It can not be broken, for it is an international agreement.

What is the difference between an agreement and a disagreement?

An agreement is where two or more people concur with an opinion, for example if I said that Wiki Answers is a good place to ask questions and you thought the same, we would be in agreement. Disagreement is the opposite of this, for example if I said that the world was flat, and you told me that it was round, we would be disagreeing.

Where did Pro and Con originate?

Straight Latin; pro; for, in agreement. Con; against, disagreement.

What did the Shanghai Communiqué describe?

Areas of agreement and disagreement between the United States and China

Is lets agree to disagree a metaphor?

no.its just an agreement to not go with something or it.(disagreement)

How many murdered in the Bosnia genocide?

There is disagreement among lawyers as to which 'parts' of the killings in Bosnia were genocide. There is agreement that the Srebrenica Massacre (about 8,400 killed) was an act of genocide. Beyond that there is disagreement, however.