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Expressed powers: these powers are specifically listed in the Constitution

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Q: What are the legislative powers that are specifically listed called?
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What do we call the powers of Congress that are specifically listed in the constitution?

Delegated powers of the National Gov. that are spelled out in the Constitution are called expressed powers, aka "enumerated powers"

Are all powers of congress specifically listed in the constitution expressed powers or reserved powers?

Expressed powers are powers of Congress specifically listed in the Constitution.

What is the difference between enumerated powers and implied powers?

Implied powers are powers that are perceived to be in place. Enumerated powers are powers that are specifically listed. An example of enumerated powers are the powers listed in Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution.

In what section of the constitution are the powers of the legislative branch listed?

section 1

What are emurated powers?

powers specifically listed (enumerated). In American governement, it means powers specifically granted to different branches of the Federal government in the Constitution.

What describes powers not specifically listed in the US Constitution but that are necessary in order for the President to fulfill his or her duties?

These are called inherent powers. They are provided for in the Constitution by what is known as the "elastic clause."

What Enumerated powers?

Enumerated powers are the powers explicitly granted to congress by the Constitution. powers that are specifically mentioned, or listed, in the Constitution

What are legislative powers called that are used to carry out expressed powers?


Particular powers of the congress that are listed in article 1 are often called the?

enumerated powers. These are the powers specifically granted to Congress by the Constitution, such as the power to tax, regulate commerce, or declare war.

What are the powers called that are specifically granted to the national government by the constitution?

Enumerated powers are the powers granted to the Federal Government by the U.S. Constitution. The clause explicitly enumerates all of the powers the Federal Government should have, and their powers are limited to those listed in the clause.

Does the elastic clause allow the legislature to expand its powers as needed to execute the powers specifically listed in the constitution?


What are power listed in the constitution called?

AnswerEnumerated powers.i believe that the answer is delagated powers ...............Ty Zanardelli