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They include the power to lay and collect taxes, to coin money, to regulate foreign and interstate commerce, to raise and maintain armed forces, to declare war, to fix standards of weights and measures, and to grant patents and copyrights.

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Q: What are the main expressed powers of our national government?
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What are the three main ideas expressed in the Articles of Confederation?

Specified how the National Government was to operate.

What is one of the main duties of the national government?

the powers of the legislative branch is to make the law for the nation *

The powers of the presidency can be divided into two main categories expressed and?


What was the name given to our first national government?

Describe the main components of this first national government

What three expressed powers of congress regarding the military?

There are 3 main powers congress has on the US military

The debate of implied powers centers around what main issue?

To the framers of the constitution there were two types of powers. Expressed power and implied. The expressed powers are ones that are stated like the power to declare war is given to congress, but to the framers it was clear that they didn't mean to have these powers be the final word so they built in a " fail safe" method to give leeway in what congress can do. They used a clause in Article 1 stating what was " necessary and proper." This means that congress can make laws to carry out the expressed powers. To a strict constructionist this is hazy and they are fearful that the government might take on too many powers and they claim that the constitution limits congress to powers only expressed in the constitution. A loose constructionist feel that congress not only has the power but the responsibility to adapt to changing times by making new laws. The existence of the clause in Article 1 indicates that the Framers knew the government would change and have to take on additional powers or obligations. The Supreme Court brought the concept of implied powers to life by hearing cases like aMcCulloch v Maryland in 1819.

What were the two main weaknesses of the new national government?

mont tax

What are the main sources of capital for the national state and local government?


What are the two main parts of China's national government?

the national people's congress and the state council source: my government book. have a nice day nigguh

What is the national capital?

In most territories, the national capital is the place where the main assembly or other organ of government is based.

The main reaction to the failure of the Articles of Confederation was to?

make the national government stronger

The main problem with the Articles of Confederation was that they?

Did not give the national government enough power