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The official language of the United Kingdom is English. Other languages are spoken there including Welsh, Gaelic, and other European tongues.

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The first most spoken language is English. The next language is Welsh

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Q: What are the main languages in the uk?
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What is the main language spoken in the UK?

The main language spoken in the UK is English. However, there are also several regional languages and dialects spoken throughout the country, such as Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Irish.

What are the languages of United States Japan United Kingdom?

USA = American English. UK = British English. Japan = Japanese. (Note: there is a small difference in some spellings between USA and UK: tire, plow in the USA is tyre, plough in the UK.)

What are the main two main languages spoken in South America and why do we still speak these two main languages today?

The two main languages spoken are Spanish and Portuguese and we continue to speak them because over the years they have become our native languages.

What is the main language in a America?

If you are referring to the United States, the main language is English.If you are referring to the American continents, there are about 10 main languages and over 200 minor languages. The main languages include:EnglishSpanishPortugueseFrenchDutchGuaraniQuechua

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French and Engish are the main languages. The main religion is Christian.

How many languages do they speak in the UK?

In the UK, over 300 languages are spoken, with English being the most widely spoken. Other significant languages spoken include Polish, Punjabi, Arabic, Bengali, and Urdu.

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The Caribbean obtained its main languages as a result of colonization of European powers as each island's main language is that of its previous colonizer.

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