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Special Interest, which makes up 37,387 of the 89,476 of Local U.S. Governments.

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Q: What are the most numerous local governments in US?
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What is the main role of most local governments in the US?

The main role of most local governments in the US is to the public. Local governments manage things such as school districts, public transportation, libraries and sewer/water systems.

Which type of government is most numerous in the US?

The most numerous kinds of governments in the United States are special districts. There are over 39,000 special districts across the nation.

Who holds most us bonds and other debt securities?

state and local governments

Who did the Local governments in the US gets their power from?

Local governments get their power from the state government.

Who is the head of the US local government?

There is no 'US local government'. There are thousands of local governments contained in the U.S.A?

Local governments in the US get their power from which of the following?

Like all American governments, power is derived from the people.

Do local governments under the states have no status in the US Constitution?


How many state and local governments exist in the US?


Are rules for counties and local governments spelled out in the US constitution?


At which level are US citizens involved in the governments decision making?

local, state, and federal

How many individual state governments are in the US?

50 states = 50 state goverments. There are, however, local governments in DC, Puerto Rico, etc (US territories that aren't 'states').

What are all governments of the US?

I'm assuming you mean all the levels of government. If that's the case, there is the Federal Government, state governments, and local government. The specific type of local government varies by state, but covers things like county and city governments.