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Pet guardian to a Hound dog named Captain, a Hound dog named Cloe, Hound dog named Forester, a Hound dog named Lady Rover, a Dalmatian named Madam Moose, Hound dog named Searcher, a Foxhound named Sweetlips, a Hound dog named Taster, a Hound dog named Tipler, and a Hound dog named Vulcan

As he had 36 dogs, these are some of the names. There was also a hound called Drunkard.
Drinker, Drunk, and Tipsy. LOL

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i went on this site and it said this: == Yes. There is an entry in the household ledgerbooks on December 24, 1794 for the purchase of a parrot and cage. The date suggests that this was a Christmas gift, perhaps from the President to his wife. Mrs. Washington's two youngest grandchildren, Nelly and George Washington Parke Custis were raised by the President and his wife. There is an entry on June 1795, for the purchase of "a collar for Nelly Custis dog." Nelly then would have been 16; her dog was named "Frisky." Frisky and the parrot were brought to Mount Vernon after Washington's retirement.

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One of his hounds was named Captain.

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Midna Midna

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Q: What are the names of George Washington's dogs?
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