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Explorer Vasco da Gama had 7 children. Their names are Estevao, Cristovao, Isabel, Paulo, Francisco, Alvaro and Pedro da Gama.

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Q: What are the names of vasco da gama's kids?
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Vasco da gamas kids names?

what were his kids names

What was vasco da gamas brothers names?

They are Pualo And Nicolao

When did vasco da gamas father die?

1497 vasco da gamas father die

What was the names of Vasco da Gamas six children?

vasco da gama had 6 sons. i dont know their names and if you do know fix it. thank you.

Where was vasco da gama's trip?

VASCO DA GAMAS trip was in India.

What did vasco da gamas hobbies?

Vasco da Gama liked to watch Vikings football

How many where in vasco da gamas crew?

Vasco DA Gama had 170 crew members

What is vasco da gama's rank?

Da Gamas rank was an admiral

Vasco da gamas fathers name?

Estevao Da Gama

What were vasco da gamas boat made out of?


What were Vasco Da Gamas hobbies?

Vikings football

Who was on Vasco da Gamas ship?

many of men -braily-