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"The power of court to review constitutionality of a treaty or statue, or to review a regulation for consistency with a statue, treaty, or the constitution itself."

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Q: What are the origins of judicial review and what are examples of congressional and presidential responses?
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What Determined the constitutionality of presidential and congressional measures?

The supreme court. It is under the judicial branch of government!(:

How does the judicial branch check the excutive branch?

The judicial branch has the authority to rule that actions of the other branches are unconstitutional. For instance Abraham Lincoln suspended Habeas by presidential order, later by congressional action; the US Supreme Court ruled that both were unconstitutional.

Does the judicial branch have presidential electors?


What is Judicial tenure?

Role of the judicial branch when it comes to making presidential appointments.

What legally protects people from congressional abuses?

The executive and judicial branches

What legally protects the people from congressional abuse?

The executive and judicial branches

What are some Judaical powers of the president?

He has no judicial powers. Only the judicial branch has the power. The president can appoint a judge but has to get congressional approval.

Congressional body that must approve presidents cabinet?

The Senate must approve the president's cabinet.

What presidential judicial power lessens the severity of a convicted person's sentence?


The responsibility to confirm or approve presidential appointments is an example of the principle of?

Judicial Review

Does the Judicial Branch have checks on any of the other Branches?

Yes. The Judicial Branch can declare a law unconstitutional, and it can declare presidential actions unconstitutional.

Which justice carved out expansive congressional powers as well as judicial review and national supremacy?

Chief Justice Marshall