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This may not be what you want to know. In states that have primaries for nominations, in order to get on the ballot a petition must be submiitted along with a few. The amount of the fee and the number of signatures on the petition varies with the state. Of course, the is also a deadline for the submission.

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Q: What are the petitions to nominate candidates?
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When are petitions to nominate candidates used?

shiid ion know that's why i asked yall

How are petitions used to nominate candidates?

Some states require a petition with a minimum number of signatures in order to get on their presidential election ballot.

Petitions to nominate candidates?

if your going to cheat on your test then add more info. like the choices that you have. a b c or d. or do you not get that what you have is not enough for some one to answer accurately.

An election in which delegate select and nominate candidates is called?

An election in which delegates select and nominate candidates is called a caucus.

Support candidates who favor their ideas but they do not nominate candidates is called what?

interest groups

Do interest groups nominate candidates to run for office?


What are the steps of choosing the president and the vice president?

To nominate candidates.

What groups recruit and nominate candidates for public office?

Third party

What method is most commonly used to nominate candidates?

caucus system

What do you have to sign to get your name on the ballot?

In most states, candidates for election must submit petitions in order to have their names placed on the ballot. The petition must be signed by a large number of residents of the district in which the candidate wishes to run. In some states, political parties that meet some legal standard may directly nominate candidates to put them on the ballot.

Does California state party conventions nominate candidates and pass platforms?


Do political parties nominate candidates?

yes they do to provide opportunities for citizens to participate.