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there was tension between the africans, Indians and Chinese indentured workers because of labor problems

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Q: What are the reasons for racial tension in the british Caribbean?
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What is racial tension?

Racial tension is animosity or dislike between two (or sometimes more) racial groups. It can be caused by resentment (one group believes the other is being treated better in the society) or by bigotry (some racial groups have been taught to be prejudiced against other races). In America, there has been racial tension between blacks and whites, while in other countries, there have been tensions between the dominant race and minority races: in Japan, there was prejudice against Koreans, and in Latin America, certain indigenous tribes suffered harsh treatment from the ruling (and often light-skinned) majority. Racial tension usually begins with mistrust and stereotypes, but it can also lead to violence. For example, in the American south, racial tension in the early 1900s was often exacerbated by white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan, resulting in race riots and the lynching of black people.

What events show the persistence of racial tension during World War 2?

CORE Congress of racial equality. African Americans in the military, Mexican Americans in wartime and the Japanese Americans in the War effort: Japanese American Citizens League.Read more: What_events_show_the_persistence_of_racial_tension_during_World_War_2

What was paul robeson's point in testifying before the house un-America activities committee?

That racial inequality was against American principles ~ apex

What steps did Roosevelt take to solve racial discrimination?

No one has solved racial discrimination, nor can they. We have very effective statutes that suppress it.

What does dr.king say that will satisfy America?

Dr. King said that America would be satisfied with racial equality and treating others equally. He stated that until you have racial equality, America will never be satisfied. In a sense, he was right in his predictions of racial unrest in the country.

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Was the racial tension hostile or calm?


What did the US explode in 1958?

Racial Tension

Why does Texas and Arkansas have so much Racial Tension?

We don't.

Racial tension from back than and now what are the difference?

Racial tension in the past was overt and institutionalized, with segregation and discrimination deeply entrenched in society. Today, while progress has been made in combating racism, there are still underlying systemic issues and instances of overt and subtle prejudice that contribute to racial tension. Social movements and dialogues around racial equality continue to play a significant role in addressing these issues.

The activities of the what helped cause an increase in racial tension?

The activities of white supremacist groups, discriminatory policies, and racial profiling by law enforcement have all contributed to an increase in racial tension. These factors have perpetuated stereotypes, systemic racism, and unequal treatment of marginalized communities, leading to heightened racial tensions.

What led to the increased racial tension in 1915?

the release of the film the birth of a nation.

What government policy has caused much racial tension in south Africa?

Apartheid is the answer.

When did racial tension begin?

Racial tension has been around ever since one man met a slightly different one. If you are looking for a an answer that a teacher would accept, then when slavery first started although I can't remember when that was.

What was one of the reasons that the whites attacked the entire community at Greenwood City instead of just Rowland?

There was a large amount of racial tension between whites and African Americans. you're welcome study island cheater

What is the meaning of Caribbean population diversity?

racial make up by percentage of people living there.

What is the most precise summary of this thesis statement Social reform demands attention in innumerable areas but the most pressing issues include poverty racial tension drug abuse?

The most pressing issues for social reform include poverty, racial tension, and drug abuse. There are many societal problems, but some more serious ones are poverty, racial tension, and drug abuse.

What is the context of To Kill a Mockingbird?

It takes place in the South during times of racial tension