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Q: What are the requirements to be speaker of the house Any requirements on age natural born citizen etc.?
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Do house representatives have to be a natural born citizen?

No. That restriction only applies to the President. a house member must be at least 25, a resident of the state they wish to represent when elected, not necessarily the particular district, and must have been a citizen for the past 7 years.

Citizenship requirements for the House of Represenitves?

The Speaker of the House of Representatives must be at least 25 years old and must be a citizen of the United States. These requirements apply to all Representatives. Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution.

What is the requirements of the legislative branch?

To be senate you have to be 30 years old, minimum of 9 years citizen, with a 6 year term. To be house of rep. you have to be 25 years old, natural born citizen and your whole life term.

What are the requirements to be a member of the House of Representatives?

You must have been a citizen of Georgia for 2 years.

What is necessary to get into senior citizen housing?

My mother is getting old and can't keep up the house. What are the requirements to get into senior citizen housing?

What are citizenship requirements for the House of Reps?

Must have been a citizen for at least 7 years

What happens if the vice president and the president both die and the speaker is not born in the us?

To be a Speaker of the House, a person must be elected to the House of Representatives. One eligibility requirement for election to the House is that the person must be a citizen. So there can never be a Speaker of the House who is not a citizen of the United States. Someone who can be Speaker might not be elligible for the Presidency, for example f that person was a naturalized citizen, or not yet old enough to meet the Constitutional age requirement for the Presidency. In that case, the Speaker could not become President if both the President and Vice-President are unable to serve. The succession would skip the Speaker and devolve upon the President ProTempore of the Senate.

Do you have to be a citizen of the us to be in the house of representatives?

Yes, you have too be a citizen to be a natural born citizen to be president but they were leenyet on the House and Senate and all other government positions you also have to be over 25 years of age

If both the US president and the US vice president resigns which officer becomes president?

That would be the Speaker of the House, as long as the Speaker meets the presdential requirements.

What is the first stage on the road to the white house?

Be a natural-born American citizen. If you were not born a U.S. citizen, then nothing else matters.

Must be a citizen for 9 years?

House of Representaives 7 Years Senate 9 Years President Natural Born Citizen (Life)

What is the title for the person who is the leader for the house of representatives?

They are called the "Speaker of the House".