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obligation and duties of state, remuniciation of citizenship, deprivation of citizenship

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Q: What are the rights and obligation of the states?
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If the Philippine Constitution mandates the bill of Rights of the Filipino people,what is also our reciprocal obligation to the State?

If the Philippine Constitution mandates the Bill of Rights of the Filipino people, what is also our reciprocal obligation to the State?

Why do you states need to be concerned about laws passed in other states?

The legal issues are more complex than a short reply can suggest, but if states acted independently, with complete autonomy, and with no obligation to recognize the rulings in other states, citizens would not be able to determine their rights and obligations when they crossed state lines. An important constitutional basis for the obligation to recognize the judicial proceedings in other states is in Article IV, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which binds all states to "full faith and credit" for judicial proceedings in all other states.

If a father relinquished all parental rights does he still have a say?

I can't agree with you. Why you have your rights without obligation ?

Is it legal to sell your rights to a child to the other parent?

In the United States, rights are not bought and sold. You can petition to terminate your parental rights if your state of residence (or country, if you live outside of the US) allows for this, but doing so only removes your rights to visitation and/or decision making in your child's life. It does not remove your obligation to financially support your child.

What are the rights and obligation of a citizen?

Taxes, jury duty, voting and many more!

Is it the obligation of states to pay for national elections?


What is the difference between rights and obligation?

Rights are what you are entitled to, depending on where you are, and obligation is what you are obliged to do, ei. what you have to do regarding those rights, for example, children have a right to be loved, but their obligation is to be respective of others.

This is a Constitutional obligation of the national government to the states?

Su king

What is our reciprocal obligation to the states?

reciprocal duty of the people to the state ?

In Minnesota if you sign over your parental rights to a child do you still have to pay child support?

Parental rights and child support are two different issues. Signing over your parental rights has no effect on your payment obligation unless the ending of the payment obligation is mentioned on the document.

How can you sign over rights as a parent and not pay child support?

Basically, you can't do this. You cannot unilaterally relinquish your obligation to provide support for your child.

When does a the obligation of a divorce decree?

The divorce decree obligation states what each spouse is obligated to. This could be alimony payments or child support.